How Do I Setup My Site + Domain Mapping Plugin On My Hostgator Account?


I have WP Multisite installed on my Hostgator Reseller Account and I've purchased a SSL, which gives me a dedicated IP. However, I can't find anywhere on your site or online specific instructions on how to set it up.

Can I get some assistance with this?

Thanks in advance.

- Sammy

  • Patricia BT


    I'm not in the team, but from my own experience I can give you 1-2 details :

    - set up instructions is under the "usage" tab of the plugin page

    - what does appear when you type your IP in your browser url ? if your WordPress does appear, it's all OK = any domain pointing to that IP will land here then WordPress takes care of the rest.

    - will all the subsites be managed by you? or it is customers sites? if customers sites and they have to set up DNS at their domain name registrars, and send the www to your IP.
    if you manage the domain names (say you have differents sites) I tell you how I do personally: I add the domains to the panel (at HostGator, it's cPanel), as domain addons/, and at the domain name registrar, I simply set the nameservers to mine, see "more options" paragraph in the usage page (not even need dedi IP for that)

    I'm not sure about the SSL, if you get a IP for SSL, does that mean you have a different IP for your http than your https? if yes, you would have then to run the whole in https?(need confirmation here)

    I hope it helps you a bit, please ask if anything is not clear, someone from the staff will answer more "officiaLly" :slight_smile:

    Good luck

  • PC

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your post.

    Patricia has covered everything which I would have said on this one :slight_smile:

    Here is one more guide from one of our community members :

    The setup is actually a pretty simple process.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.


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