How do I setup Parameters?


I'm just getting started with Appointments +. I've gotten as far as copying some of the shortcodes to see what they look like but now I want to make some changes.

Where do I go to change the Parameters? I can't see anything under the General tab. I've tried adding various Parameters into the shortcode as well. I'm taking wild guess here. I have very little coding experience.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    So you're wanting to know what arguments a shortcode will take?

    Admin --> Appointments + --> Settings --> Shortcodes [TAB]

    All of the args are detailed within that page. For example:

    Description: Inserts a table where client or service provider can see his upcoming appointments
    provider: Enter 1 if this appointment list belongs to a service provider. Default: "0" (client)
    provider_id: Enter the user ID of the provider whose list will be displayed. If ommitted, current service provider will be displayed. Default: "0" (current service provider)
    title: Title text. Default: "My Appointments"
    status: Which status(es) will be included. Possible values: paid, confirmed, completed, pending, removed. Default: "paid, confirmed"
    gcal: Enter 0 to disable Google Calendar button by which clients can add appointments to their Google Calendar after booking the appointment. Default: "1" (enabled)
    order_by: Sort order of the appointments. Possible values: ID, start. Optionally DESC (descending) can be used, e.g. "start DESC" will reverse the order. Default: "ID". Note: This is the sort order as page loads. Table can be dynamically sorted by any field from front end (Some date formats may not be sorted correctly).

    Is this what you were looking for?

    Take care.

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