How do I show the calendar along with the side bar (widgets)?

I tried to display the calendar along with the sidebars at I used the [eab_calendar] inside the events page.
Other setting for this event+ are:
Archive template = Tried with both Plugin: Default and Plugin: Calendar different times.
Single Event template = Plugin:smiley:efault

When I unchecked "Override default appearance? " I can view the list of events (with the heading for the list as "Archive") in the page with side bars. When I checked "Override default appearance? ", I can see the calendar, but my side bars are gone (this is the current settings as I wanted to show the calendar at least).

Need a solution to show nice calendar along with the side bars. I was using the plugin "The Event Calendar" earlier which was working fine.

Another issue is with the Google Map. For some reason this plugin is buggy as It won't remember the markers many times and displays the wrong address for the events eventhough I configured properly.

Any help is appreciated.

But for some reason, when I selected the settings

  • Vladislav


    As for the events calendar template, it is by default sidebar-less to allow for more horizontal room for the calendar output. However, you can tweak it to suit your exact needs and theme design. To do this in a future-safe way, you will want to copy the plugins default calendar archive template (lib/default-templates/calendar/archive-incsub_events.php) to your theme's root directory. Once this is done, the plugin will automatically use the template from your theme's root directory for displaying the events archives. You can also safely edit this file without concerns of losing your changes with the next plugin update - the exact code to get the sidebars going depend on your theme's setup, so you might want to consult your other templates to see how exactly is that done - usually, it's along the lines of calling "get_sidebar()", possibly with some surrounding markup.

    As for the maps plugin issues, the address-to-location mapping is done via Google geocoding service call, which can be picky about addresses and their formats although it's usually pretty good. This is also why you can create the maps manually and assign them to your events in your venue location field. Anyway, to just to make sure if we're dealing with a bug, could you please share some address mapping examples that didn't end up the way you wanted them to?

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