How do I sort fundraising projects that are published to affect their order of appearance?

Here’s the scenario. Let’s say I have set up 15 different fundraising projects on my website. I entered each one over the course of several weeks. Now that I have all 15 published, the list on the sidebar is in order of last entered – first. The first one I entered is last on the list.

What I am trying to figure out is if there is anyway to reorder how the projects appear in the published listing on my website.

I may want to congregate certain projects together and/or have some show first on the list because they are more important and I want to maximize visibility.

I certainly do not want to have to delete a bunch of projects and start over just so I can force the list to show whatever I publish last as first up. I notice that on the shortlink for a project it has an id number that would be useful for sorting if there was only a command to utilize it.