How Do I submit a plugin to you guys?

Hey guys

I've been a member for a couple of weeks. I primarily develop sites for the music industry, and although I've been generally aware of the pressures and problems the EU Cookie Law presents to web developers in the UK and further afield in Europe, this was the first time a client (in this case Universal Music) contacted me and instructed me (and all other developers on their books) to implement a Javascript quick-fix to show that their active sites were inline with the UK e-Privacy directive.

Anyway, I threw the code they'd me given into a handful of their sites, but as I was doing so it struck me that it was a bit clunky and required some knowledge of HTML and Javascript, and was quite hard to customize without a lot more knowledge of CSS and even some jQuery to get at those hard-to-reach areas.

As such, I started to code a more graceful JS/jQuery solution that could be 100% targeted by CSS and easily customized. It's based on the ICO's (Information Comissioner's Office) 11th hour amendment to allow 'implied consent' for cookies, as long as you make it clear what and how they're being used and how to remove them if needed.

It then occurred to me that a LOT of UMG's sites (and in fact a whole lot of sites I've done over the past three years) are all Wordpress, and an easy, graceful Wordpress plugin would be an ideal solution for everyone. I'm about 85% done with the plugin now, and already have some ideas for updates when I get the time, but I was wondering if it was something you guys would be interested in offering? This kind of thing is actually a legal requirement in the UK right now and an estimated 90% of UK business websites don't conform, so it might be quite a popular item.

Let me know what you think,