How do I turn off the notification on my WP Admin panel

There is a warning of sorts on the admin portion of my website saying, "Easily get updates, support, and one-click WPMU DEV plugin/theme installations right from in your dashboard - install the free WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. (find out more)". I want this message to go away. This is a commercial site and I don't want to worry my client who will be using this. The fact that you don't allow me to get rid of this message is very unprofessional and makes me reconsider using your products, knowing that if I do, you will practically FORCE me to install something that I don't need, want, or use. This is very concerning. The fact that you keep pushing this plugin, when I don't need it, tells me that you don't have my best interest in mind. There is always a chance that this can conflict with other plugins/services. If I don't need, I shouldn't be subjected to constant reminder that it's there. It is the equivalent of advertising. I don't need it. I don't want it. I want it removed. How do I do this.

Please remove this at once.