How do I update the plugins when the error message states unable to remove old version.

I am not sure how to update all of he plugin for my site. The message I get is that the plugin cannot be uninstalled. Please advise.

  • Corey Quick

    Hey @Michael, Hope you're well?

    My first instinct would be to check the actual folder permissions for the wpmudev-updater plugin & also the owner of that folder via FTP.

    Are you able to delete the plugin via the standard plugins page

    Dashboard > plugins > all plugins.

    Deactivate & then hit delete. Let us know if the plugin deletes? If not, then there must be something wrong with the permissions somewhere in the /wp-content/plugins folder that is only applying to the wpmudev-updater folder.

    Is there anything in your servers error_logs that might offer a clue? You should be able to find the error logs in your CPanel.

    If you don't have luck, you can offer us ftp access:
    Send in:

    Subject: "Attn: Corey Quick"
    -WordPress admin username
    -WordPress admin password
    -login url
    -FTP credentials (host/username/password)
    -link back to this thread for reference
    -any other relevant urls

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  • Michael

    Hello Jose,
    Well, that was great, everything updated fine. I have a few questions. What made he permissions change in the first place? What did you change actually? I ask the second question because I went and selected the folders, even the parent and changed their permissions to 755 and then even 777 temporarily to see if I could update. I found that I could not.

    We (the church) is going to push for a lot more of the interactive features, which is why we selected WPMU, so I want to make sure I understand what is going on here. WP can be a bit temperamental at times.


  • Jose

    Hi Michael,

    Glad to hear that the update feature works fine now.

    For some reason, your /plugins and /themes folders, including all the subfolders inside, were set with very strict permissions (555). So, even the owner user was not able to write on it.
    Setting the parent and specific plugins folders to 755 wouldn't be enough because all the files and subfolders will remain not writeable for the user.
    The trick is to set permission recursively.
    Doing this from cPanel file manager is imposible, as far as know.
    If you log via FTP using filezilla, you can set the permissions for the folder /plugins and check the option "Recurse into subdirectories".
    If you log into your server via SSH, you can run the following command:
    chmod -R 755 /path-to-plugins-folder

    WP can be a bit temperamental at times.

    LOL, yes. I must admit though that, at the end, there is always a logical reason. :slight_smile:

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions.


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