How do i update wordpress ?

Not a question, only a note.

Some administrators uses the update button somewhere in the administration panel.
But not me because it is not professional.
The good way is to have, for example, 3 platforms, one for development, one for testing and one for production.

For example, if a new version of google-analytics-async is coming, i download it and store it in my testing subversion repository.
After that, my administration tool "puppet" ( ) update the plugins on the testing platform.
If all is OK, i can copy the file in my production subversion repository and then puppet update the plugin in the production platform.

It was the point of view of a system engineer.

(I hope my english was not too bad).

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi tribagora,

    Your English was perfectly understandable to me. And those are very good notes, really helps to avoid issues on the live site to run things through testing as such. Definitely highly advised.

    Perhaps other members will also have thoughts to share on how they update and keep their sites running smoothly.


  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    I like to have a local server, where I can get everything running, and check updates don't have any major compatability bugs or whatever.

    However, your way sounds amazing. I'm afraid I sadly continue to fail to understand Subversion - my one experience with it left me feeling heavily confused, and frankly, coding php does that enough for me already!

  • tribagora
    • Flash Drive

    Yes, i have a local (virtual) server too but my testing server is like a clone of my production server. Those are kvm/qemu virtual servers.
    I use subversion and puppet for a long time now with big projects at Inria ( (cluster (100 nodes), forge (fusionforge)).
    Yes it takes some time to understand all but i never discourage, i have no limit but the time.

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