How do I upgrade to the latest version?

My dashboard says there is an upgrade for Appointments+. The “Upgrade to Update” button takes me to the WPMU Appointments+ download page. So I downloaded it to my computer. Now what do I do? Disable and delete and reinstall the new one? Will I loose all the set up I have done? Please clarify how to update the plugin.

Thank you.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @heather

    The easiest way to safely update premium plugins and themes from WPMU DEV is to install and activate our Dashboard plugin. You can update all installed products with one click.

    Our records indicate that you have previously downloaded the Dashboard plugin, but have not activated it on any site.

    If you prefer to manually update, you can do so by simply uploading via FTP to overwrite existing files. You will not lose any settings.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @heather

    When you click on the WPMU DEV menu in your admin, you will likely see a screen like in the first screenshot below.

    Click the link where you see "Already a member? Click here". You'll then see a login form like the 2nd screenshot.

    On that screen, simply enter your premium membership login credentials, the same username & password you use to login to WPMU DEV.

    You'll then see the main Dashboard screen much like the 3rd screenshot below.

    You can then download & install premium plugins & themes from WPMU DEV directly from your admin simply by clicking the "Plugins" or "Themes" menu items.

    There is also an "Updates" section where anything you have installed from WPMU DEV that needs updating can be viewed, and updated in one click (4th screenshot).

  • Heather
    • Flash Drive

    Thank you. I started at the dashboard (screen cap 3) so not sure why you said this earlier;

    “Our records indicate that you have previously downloaded the Dashboard plugin, but have not activated it on any site.”

    Maybe I’m missing something?

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @heather

    I hope you had a good weekend!

    No, you’re not missing anything.

    When I last checked our records, it appeared that the Dashboard plugin had not been activated on any site. I just checked again and see that has it indeed been activated now.

    Are you still having trouble installing or updating plugins/themes from the WPMU DEV Dashboard? Or are things working well now?

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