How do I use the query function to create a mashup of only maps associated to live posts (not drafts

I am trying to create a mashup using shortcode in my website. Your website usage instructions say to use query=”current posts”, but that doesn’t seem to be a correct function. I am using [map query=”all”] which works but it pulls in draft posts and even deleted posts which is not good since I am showing the posts permalink in individual icon pop up information.

  • Vaughan
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    thanks for posting.

    it will only display maps that are currently attached to a post.

    so you need to make sure each map is attached. when you add a map to page, before you hit add to post, you need to click map options, then check the box for attach to post.

    hope this helps

  • dandi-admin
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    Thank you for your quick response, unfortunately you have not answered my question. Please reread my question. I will try to be more specific now.

    I have already associated posts to individual map locations. I am creating a map mashup using a shortcode in my template. According to your website, you can query posts onto a mashup, for example “query=’current posts'” Please check your website usage if you are not sure what talking about. The only code that seems to work is “query=’all'”. Unfortunately this pulls every location even if it is not associated to a post or even worse… If it is a post that has been deleted or is a draft.

    How can I query ONLY current posts on my website (that have already been associated via the checkbox in the image you sent – but are not deleted posts or drafts or locations not associated with posts)?

    Please advise. I apologize for my frustration, but this is the second time it seems my question has not been read. Let me know if you need more clarification.



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