How do I use this Directory Plugin?!

So, I have no skills what so ever and cannot follow much of the advise I can find on your threads related to this so I am really hoping you can help me out here...

I have directory uploaded, now it appears I need to totally re-work it...I was not expecting this....

Displaying the Listings
1) The shortode ([dr_list_categories style="list"] ) only embeds the full listing with everything in on it....where are the shortcodes for the listings catagories themselves? I need these to define member access as well as clean up the site... these are important and should be easily accessed?

2)How can I divide the listings to show only on specific - related pages - eg: I want to show only 'fashion' category listings on the fashion page.... this I think might be solved if you can direct me to the relevant shortcodes?!

1)How do I get rid of the ratings stars (both average and member rating section?)
2)How do I get rid of the 'this was posted on... by.. line?
3)How do I get rid of 'reviews'
4)How do I get rig of 'This entry was posted in Public, CONSUMER GUIDE, FASHION. Bookmark the permalink.
4)How do I bring content of listing up to align next to the thumbnail image?

I have tried all I can with the custom press add on but nothing is working. I am not a programmer I have no re-writing skills - I paid for this plugin so I wouldn't need to be....


Yours frustratedly.