How do I use this new plugin??

Hey guys

So I just got the membership plugin as I was told it would be good for a payment system for my site.
I am actually quite confused on using it. I want to create a system where there is a gold, silver, bronze and free version for my site. So basically users have limited access to certain features on the site.
Firstly is this the right plugin?
If it is the right plugin how do I use it so that i can have a page at the top of my site where the user can click on and up comes the scheme.

Please go through this in a step by step process as I am not that experienced with WP.

Thanks very much


  • Ash

    Hello Simon

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    We have a great video tutorial series (17 videos) on using membership plugin, it's worth to take a look in there :slight_smile: Link:

    So for that let's create four levels from menu Membership > Access Levels. e.g.: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Free version. When you are creating level you have options to right side to set which areas will be accessible in that level.

    Next you need to create subscription plans from Membership > Subscription Plans. Here you can create 4 plan e.g.: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Free version. While creating new subscription plan, you need to set an access level for it from right side.

    Now you need to go to Membership > Options page. Then go to Membership pages tab. In "Subscriptions page" section, you need to select a page to show subscription. If you don't have any page created for subscription levels, you can click on create page button next to it and it will create a page - "Subscriptions" automatically. You might need to assign this page in your navigation. The user can access your scheme in that subscription page.

    Hope it helps. Feel free to ask if you have any more question.


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