How do Import users using the Membership plugin

Hi there,
I am about to install the membership plugin but don't see any referrence for importing users. (i.e. screenshot of admin panel in plugin description).
I was going to use s2member Pro which I know supports this but that was before signing up with WPMU Dev. I would rather use plugins that have been tested with your themes like Membership but not at the expense of functionality.
I am migrating from an Amember based program and have a current DB of about 1300 users and 100 premium(paying) members. Amember doesn't play well with Social Networks, so moving to a membership program that does brings me to BuddyPress and Memgership plugins.
So, can I import users and custom fields necessary for existing billing profiles.(i.e. Paypal and gateway) Basically I don't want to screw up existing pay cycles and membership expiration dates.
Can I do this with Membership? If so how?
If not, do you know of anyone using s2member and buddypress with your themes?
Thanks a ton.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    From a technical standpoint you could import members and their expiration dates with some custom coding. The problem would come with Paypal profiles. Once a subscription has been made with PayPal the ipn url and custom data are pretty much set in stone. You generally cannot change those for a new membership structure without canceling those profiles and recreating them.

  • bkeller99
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Okay, I knew that paypal IPN url's are usually locked to a particular transaction, but I didn't really see an answer in there. What is the preferred method to import existing users. I don't want to screw up my existing recurring billing. There must be a method of doing this otherwise how do people migrate to a new membership package.
    also you didn't answer the question about s2member. The have a facility to import users from other membership apps like amember and wishlist.

  • bkeller99
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Well its starting to look like I am going to have to do this manually for the 150 paid members(some paypal some credit card) and send out emails having free subscribers re-join.
    This is my first migration of this kind and I frankly didn't think this would be a problem. Amazing to me that Membership apps don't account for this when they design it( the exception being s2member pro ). I would think it would be a major selling point. How do they expect to steal people from other programs. Oh well...I digress.
    Let me ask you something, When I begin to create the new paid subscriber list from the existing list do I have to drop those users on the old membership site before I can create the new paid subscriptions?
    and do you support for the credit card gateway?
    One part of your documentation says it works beautifully another says you'll be adding it soon. Also, one of your example sites Gigaom shows that it accepts credit cards and displays the logo.
    I really want to get going on this, and am excited to do so but these are a couple of big issues.
    Also, any additional documentation you might have migrating paypal accounts would be appreciated. I don't know if migrate is the right word as the subscriptions are being recreated and in that scenario I think all I need to know how to make sure the new subscription picks up where the other leaves.

    I would appreciate a response on this...I'm kind of in the middle here s2member will do everything I need but you don't support them, and your themes are so much sleeker, up-to-date and comprehensive than Primo themes who support s2member. Actually it looks like except for the import capability and documentation for gateways, membership is the better program.
    thanks guys/gals

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