How do Theme frameworks with child themes work differently"

I thought I understood it but now I'm not so sure. How to child themes in a theme framework work differently than traditional themes in a mutli-site network environment. Somehow I was imagining a parent theme with little individual child themes at all the subdomain sites. But now that I see it site directory, I'm realizing that there is just one installation of the child theme too, right? So is there any particular advantage for a network to use a child theme as opposed to single location sites?

  • Mason

    Hiya wadams,

    Theme frameworks and child themes are really only beneficial to theme developers.

    A theme framework gives a developer a "core" set of files to start creating their theme from.

    A child theme can call to a parent theme or framework for it's core functionality, but then can be customized on top of that without affecting the parent theme. Again, this is really only necessary if you're developing your own themes.

    For end users, they only need one theme to activate and can customize it through the theme options. If this is all you or your users need a single parent theme is fine.

    Does that help a bit? Let me know if you need more specific information.


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