How do users become an affiliate?

I have loged in as a user and cannot fid anywhere to set up an affiliate link. Plugin is installed.

found a link on profile that says "Affiiate Referral" but access is not given, even though this user has access to everything.

  • nolancollins

    Joe, here are my questions:

    Why can I see banners from admin but not users.
    How does a user sign up to be an affiliate?
    Where is the page with the text shown on the settings page for the plugin

    What are these addons and why do i need them if I already have a wordpress theme with a membership system?

    Sorry, but in the description for the plugin it does not say these other plugins are a necessity.

    Basically, am I buggered and need to find another affiliate plugin if I'm using ProfitsTheme?

  • aecnu

    Greetings nolancollins,

    Thank you for your additional feedback which indeed has given me a clearer picture of what is going on there.

    First of all I am fully aware of Welle Mulla's profit theme - theme and own it myself.

    It is indeed a framework theme and by nature relatively hard to integrate other things into it.

    Yes I am aware that it contains a lot of stuff and to prove it out to you I have included below the beginning lines of the changelog text of the last version 1.1.9

    - Update Clickbank IPN variables
    - Fix minor bug in 'pt_is_valid_url' function
    - Fix minor bug in the search results display
    - Minor improvement to increase PT compatibility with WordPress 3.4.1

    - Fix image path issue
    - Fix video screenshot path issue in Fake Video player
    - Fix bug in read more link display
    - Fix video player path when using Flowplayer
    - Fix minor bug in Clickbank Instant Payment Notification
    - Improve PT compatibility with WordPress 3.3.1 by replacing deprecated WordPress functions

    The theme indeed contains a membership module that will need to be disabled or possibly removed to integrate our matching plugins into it i.e. Membership etc. though it may indeed be possible to run them both but this will take testing.

    From my understanding you want to run the affiliates plugin with the Profit theme Membership module and this will simply not work.

    You therefore want to use our Membership plugin and our Affiliate plugin together to get your working end product.

    Install and configure the Membership plugin and also the Affiliate plugin then once configured activate the affiliate portion of the Membership plugin --> logged into the network admin dashboard go to Affiliates --> Add-ons --> Membership add-on --> Activate

    Next you want to set up each of the affiliate referral payment amounts for each subscription of membership by going to Membership --> Subscription Plans --> Affiliate settings --> set the amount.

    For Members to get their affiliate links/banners they log into their member dashboard and go to --> Profile --> Affiliate Referrals and there they will activate their affiliate status and input their PayPal email address for payment.

    Please advise if this indeed gets you going which I fully anticipate it will.

    Cheers, Joe

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