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I am the developer/builder for this multi-site. My client and I are having trouble figuring out a few things, and we need your assistance.

It is essential that the site is very simple for members to set up and start using immediately. Every member will have the same content except for their personal contact info and picture that will be at the top of the page. It will consist of just one visible page (the one that has all the videos). When they sign up we would like to have them fill in a form with their Name, Phone Number, Email, and Website that will automatically populate the web page. We would also like to have the option for them to upload their picture that will also automatically populate the page.

How do we get this to populate automatically when a member signs up and pays their fee?

Also, to which page should the redirect go, once payment is made to paypal?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi PR Showoff

    I hope you're fine today!

    I can see that you already got Pro Sits installed. That's good as it's the first plugin I would suggest. In addition to it, I'd go for our New Blog Templates plugin (it works fine with Pro Sites):

    The great thing of this plugin in your case is that it lets you create an entire site - with selected and configured theme and plugins and even some pre-filled content - and mark it as a "blog template". You can create many of them or just one and if you mark one as "default" all the new sites your users create will be copies of that site. So that solves your goal of creation of "same sites".

    The payments would be taken care of Pro Sites itself too. There's no need to add any special redirects from PayPal as PayPal is supported by Pro Sites so you only need to follow configuration required on "Network Admin -> Pro Sites -> Payment Gateways", first on "PayPal Express" (gateway configuration) and then on "Gateway Settings" (gateway selection). Then the plugin will take care of the rest.

    Then there's also an aspect of "auto filling" some sections of those newly created sites. This would require some customization - a bit of custom code, I'm afraid. Basically, user data such as name is stored in user profile so you'd need:

    - extend profile data a bit if you want to add additional information
    - custom code places in the site's theme where that data should be fetched to
    - and also custom develop a code that would actually fetch the data form user profile.

    That's not very complex coding actually and WordPress provides all the necessary functions. If you feel like giving it a try by yourself, feel free to throw questions at us and we'll be happy to give you some tips/suggestions (please note that custom development is outside the scope of this support) but if you need this to be fully developed for you, you might want to consider posting some job request, for example at You may want to take a look at our Partners page also where you can grab a nice discount for job posting there:

    Best regards,

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