How do we let subscribers choose what categories to be emailed?


I am trying to set up sites where only certain categories of updates are relevant to different members. For example, one user might only be interested in data notices (ex. custom post type=data_notices) for a certain group (ex. category=front_range), or another user may only be interested in new posts about cars, or when a specific post is updated (like we do here for comments on a specific ticket). In the end I am trying to let users choose what categories, post types and posts they want to be notified for from the post types and categories they have access to. If they get notified about everything they will be overwhelmed.

I can see how to limit what is handled by the Subscribe plugin, but I don’t see where to enable users to choose what category and post types they will get updates for. Does this plugin allow for this type of setup and if not do you have a recommendation?

thank you!