How do we remove dates from blog posts? and how can we fix the footers on the main blog post page?

I am using the Fixer Them......under marketpress, products show up as blog posts. how can we edit and remove the date and the word blog, and edit the footers?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Alex,

    I hope you're well! Thanks for your question.

    To remove date and time from products simply go to any of the product's pages and, place a cursor over the main product's description part and open it for edition (see the first attached image). Next, click on a little "pen icon" next to the CSS style name and you'll get the stylesheet (css) editor. Find the line that says '.upfront-postpart-date' and change "display:block;" to "display:none". (see second image)

    Click "OK" and then "Save" (in the left panel). Upfront will now ask you if you want to apply the change to "All posts of this type" - select "Yes" and you're done. Don't worry though, it will not affect actual blog posts as those are of different type (in terms of WordPress Taxonomy).

    To remove word "Blog" simply double-click on this word while in "Upfront" mode and remove the text. Save, apply to all posts of the same type.

    Pretty much the same goes to the footers' editing. Enter "Upfront" mode (by clicking "Upfront" on the admin bar while on selected page), hover your mouse over the selected footer part and you'll see a little green icon in the top right corner of the border that highlights the part of the footer. Click it, make changes, click ok, apply to all the posts of the same type et voila :slight_smile:

    Hope that helped.

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