How do we set the links to Events Widgets on domains

Hello Support Team,

we installed and activated on one of our sub domains Events+. Now, next step:

- placed Calender Widget on most other domains

- we wish to display entered Events on those other sub domains but we do not know how to link to the source.

Please advice us how to do that.
Thank you

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Prinz!

    I need a little bit more info from you here on the final result you're looking for. I see you've got Events+ active on one domain, (so not network activated, yes?) and you want to display the Events calendar widget on each subdomain, but all Events would be managed on the one sub-domain, correct?

    Can you let me know step-by-step how you want everything to work with a few more details? I'm not sure we can pull off exactly what I described up above, but I think I may be overcomplicating it.

    Thanks, Prinz!

  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Michelle,

    what a pleasure hearing from you again. To answer your questions....

    The structure (mandatory and can't be discussed) of our entire application is to a certain degree very clear: Each domain contains "one / two features" only, which deals with the subject... in this case deals with events+ and directories. Everything related to a subject will be processed on it's on domain and not be activated across the entire network (exceptionally BuddyPress and Membership).

    Based on this background we entered a few sample events in it's domain... those events goes usually into the calender feature which can be displayed as widget on every domain (please check out domains, as the widgets are already activated there).

    Now, what we need is "instead an empty calender grid" on each sidebar a calender grid filled with the events entries. Does this make sense?

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hello, Prinz

    Sorry for the delay here, I had a little bit of time off.

    This is not possible at this time without custom coding. Here's why:
    For a subsite to display information from a plugin, that plugin has to be active on the subsite. If the subsite doesn't have access to the Events+ code, which would be what would need to run in order to generate a list of events to send to a calendar, it won't be able to display anything related to Events. You'd have to have Events network activated to see your Events in a calendar in a widget on each subsite.

    We can normally work a few miracles for you, but in this case we can't pull it off.

    Now, what you COULD do, instead, is go ahead and Network Activate Events+, then hide all the settings from the subsite admins, delete any events pages from your Pages list, and make sure there are no links in your nav menu, then you could show the widget on each site. We can hide things on the admin side a few different ways, (Ultimate Branding will let us do it with CSS, for example, Easy Blogging will totally de-techify the WP dashboard, there are a handful of free admin dashbashboard editors/tools on the repository, too.) so there are options here to preserve your one site/one thing model on the surface while allowing a little more freedom underneath everything.

    Hope this helps, and if this option won't work, you'll need to look into some custom development here:

    Thanks, Prinz!

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, Prinz!

    The Recent Custom Post Widget isn't Global, so it will only show custom posts from the site on which it's installed. But, we can do this with the Recent Global Posts Widget, with the Post Indexer plugin along for the ride.

    Post Indexer search all the sites in your network for new content. The default is to search for the 'post' post type, but custom post types can be added in the Post Indexer settings.

    Here's how to make it work:
    1. Install and network activate Post Indexer and Recent Global Post Widget.
    2. Go to Settings > Post Indexer from your Network Admin dashboard.
    3. Add incsub_event (and any other custom post types you'd like to index) to the post types box.
    4. Go to the "rebuild index" tab, and have the index rebuilt. It will take a while, depending on how much new content it needs to search.
    5. Go to Appearances > Widgets on your primary site, and add the Recent Global Posts Widget to a sidebar. Choose "incsub_event" as the post type, name it, choose your details, and save.

    So sorry for the delay. I'm training for a new position here, but I'll be hanging out in support over the weekend if you have any questions.

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