How do you check on 60,000 blogs

I have just gotten news that one of the top Free Blogging sites has been shut down by their host.
I basically started my venture of starting a free blog site with supporter upgrades because of this site and how great it has become and now it is gone due to one of its users opening a blog and doing something illegal on it. the host shut him down because the law enforcement said so and stated due
to Due to the history of abuse and on going abuse on this server.
Now that you have the history of why I'm going to ask the question here goes.
1. How does a network owner check every blog on their network and deal with illegal blogs?
2. What plugins will help in it.?
3. Is there software I can run from my computer that will check my network of sites and give a report?

The law states it is the network owners responsibility to check there server.
How do I do this if there is nothing available? your mission dev's if you except this, is can you create one?
Hopefully I can find the money to keep my membership because I have a feeling I really need you guys and wish your service was affordable to the new guys but this is a different topic.