How do you check on 60,000 blogs

I have just gotten news that one of the top Free Blogging sites has been shut down by their host.
I basically started my venture of starting a free blog site with supporter upgrades because of this site and how great it has become and now it is gone due to one of its users opening a blog and doing something illegal on it. the host shut him down because the law enforcement said so and stated due
to Due to the history of abuse and on going abuse on this server.
Now that you have the history of why I'm going to ask the question here goes.
1. How does a network owner check every blog on their network and deal with illegal blogs?
2. What plugins will help in it.?
3. Is there software I can run from my computer that will check my network of sites and give a report?

The law states it is the network owners responsibility to check there server.
How do I do this if there is nothing available? your mission dev's if you except this, is can you create one?
Hopefully I can find the money to keep my membership because I have a feeling I really need you guys and wish your service was affordable to the new guys but this is a different topic.

  • drmike
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    edit: Now that I;ve reread your post, I;m a bit lost. Is this one of your sites that got shut down or someone else's?

    1) You're getting a story. No law enforcement is going to shut down a website. If anyone is going to do it, it'll be the court system that requires a shutdown. Also there are many legal protections (ie common carrier laws) that protect a host from what their clients do.

    And even if that was true, hosts like ev1/theplanet, and many many others would have been shut down ages ago. I;m not the only host who has dealt with child porn rings in the past.

    At the most, you as a host will have to turn over client data to the police or whatever law enforcement ageny is requesting it. If you havent done this already and if it really concerns you, sit down with an internet lawyer and discuss the matter. As long as you have privacy polices in place, you follow them, and you;re not hosted in some country like China, you only turn over data if so ordered by the courts. Most countries won;t even allow you to turn over the data to the police unless you do so willingly.

    If you haven;t checked it out, give a read. While they're not the brightest bunch on the net, they like covering the legal ramifications about hosting torrents and their trackers. It's not blogging but a good read for all the legal news.

    2) Keep up on your spammers. Keep getting rid of them, block the known IP addresses that are causing problems and not let them take over your site. I actually had to take over one of my clients sites a few months ago because they weren;t doing so and they couldn;t keep up on the hundreds of splogs that had been created. (Actually one of my other wpmu site admins took the site over and merged it into their own site. The stressed client was actually thankful that we did so.)

    The law states it is the network owners responsibility to check there server.

    3) All the legal discussion I've seen states that all you have to do is make a reasonable attempt to do so. Keep up on spammers and reports of such, keep the server up to date, and your pretty much covered. Again, if that really was true, all these free hosting sites would have been long gone.

    4) If you haven't done so already, install the anti-splog plugin from here.

    There's a monitoring plugin as well:

    5) On the backend, you can sort the blogs by Last Updated. I suggest that to our site admins. They sort, go down the list and do right clicks -> Open in new tabs to see what their endusers are doing.

    6) The "history of abuse" sounds more like they weren;t keeping up on managing their site, dealing with spammers and splogs.

    Hope this helps,

  • Aphrodite
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    tough one...

    Well my experience is that i have subscribtion rule very strict about that, as the sosblog one, decharging any responsability on illegal aactivity for one user in particular. It is possible here since :

    - My official adress is in morocco
    - but my server is in france !

    When they sign up they accet all responsabilities of their content, and it is a commercial and real contract.

    Anyway i use :

    - moderation plugin (report capability on each blog/post that helps a lot)
    - content monitor, that report automatically any "bad word", as you define a good "bad word" list which is hard (have been discussed here) and more for me using french english and arabic !!!!!

    I manually visit each new blogs few days after, and will randomly visit my networks (I am building 9 !)

    So i have an army of moderators in formation that will help on that. You will have to really supervise all the network, and write a VERY GOOD and legal TOS !

    If you read french i can send you mine they have been written by a specialist...

  • HamRadioDude
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    @drMike Yes this is real and did happen to a well known site i don't want to mention it here because that site did use the edublog theme so at one time was a member here and if they want to be known they will find the thread here.

    I going to check out those plugins.
    I'm still on the edge weather to go on with this project.
    Thanks you

  • HamRadioDude
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    Splog is out thanks for that one does look verygood
    Note you must be a current WPMU Dev Premium member to access our Anti-Splog API, though the time you will save with this plugin is well worth the cost of membership!
    Not until I get paying users.

    Content Monitoring Looks very good
    Moderation looks good also thanks

  • terry hall
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    Sarah's article over on mentions a "Moderate New Blogs" plugin available for WP3.0 at ~ this combined with antisplog should work nicely.

    I've also started doing specific google searches: "porn"; "movies", "viagra", etc to search for articles that violate my terms of service.... I will now be adding movie down load related searches...

  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    Wow Thats Amazing. I'm happy it worked it self out The host as thought was at fault.
    I just bought a server of my own and is now online. I bought another month here to get the updated themes.
    I'm going to install the anti slog service and hope for the best.

    How much bandwidth do you think 60,000 blogs use?

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