How do you embed/group 2 elements together

I am using the Upfront Scribe template and want to add a picture inside a text element. How can you embed it together like the menu and social media icons? Also is there any control to say have it in the upper right corner?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Joe!

    With Scribe, you'll need to work with the elements separately, right now we can't embed an image element within a text element, (per tests on my site) so that will take a little creative fixing, to create an element each for the text and image, then align them as you'd like.

    You can also use HTML in the text field, so if you have the image URL, you could add it to your text box the old fashioned way.

    <img src="foo.jpg" alt="foo">

    You've got some control over where the element is placed. Are you wanting to add a text element to your nav menu/social icons area? To do so, ungroup the current set, and drag an additional text element to that area, adjusting the header container as needed.

    Hope this helps!

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