How do you get the a page to show all the CustomPress custom post-types

Hello I have the CustomPress plugin installed and can get it to show an individual post with my custom fields.
But how do I all of the post of this type to show on an index page. I need a page to show all the items from a given category, their titles, excerpts and thumbnails. Clicking on one then takes the user to that single-type page.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey there Hazen,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    This is setup during your custom post type creation inside CustomPress :slight_smile:

    You will want to make sure that you set "Has Archive" to "True" then make sure that you check off 'thumbnail' for one of the elements your post type supports, keep in mind your theme has to also support featured images/thumbnails.

    Then go into the taxonomies tab and create a category taxonomy for your post type, that way you can add categories for just that post type and they will have their own separate archive.

    Another option is to use this plugin:

    It allows you to display posts(including custom post types) with a shortcode and some parameters. Here is the documentation for it:

    Hope this helps Hazen!

    Let us know if you need any further assistance.

    All the best,

  • hazenreed

    Thank you for your reply. I am sorry to say that I have not been able to achieve success. I have:
    1. Gone to Custom Type setup: "Horse"
    2. Set "Has Archive" to "True"
    3. Checked off 'thumbnail'
    4. Added a 'Category' taxonomy
    5. Edited an individual Horse, and assigned it a new category: 'Bred Female'

    I can see the individual page for the single horse. The URL shows: female/horsename

    There are now category meta tags showing and running the url: female/ produces a blank page.

    Clearly, I do not understand some key detail. I have read and re-read the "usage" docs,but i can find no detail about how to deal with the index pages.

    Your assistance is welcome.

  • aristath

    Hello again @Hazen, I hope you're well today!

    There are now category meta tags showing and running the url: female/ produces a blank page.

    Could you please set WP_DEBUG to true in your wp-config.php file and then test this again?
    Instead of a white screen you should now be getting some error messages, please post these messages here so that we may figure out what goes on.

    Please advise,

  • hazenreed

    Hello again, Thank you for your patience. We have discovered a few things, and some things are working better now. For example, we have reconfigured the Custom Posts, and added a unique Taxonomy : Alpaca Category. These can be Bred Female, Maiden Female, Junior Herdsire, Proven Herdsire,etc.

    So not this url
    produces results appropriate to the classification.

    The bread crumb trail is not accurate:
    Home | News | Animal
    Should be:
    Home | Alpacas fro Sale | Bred Female | Animal

    What is happening is the default blog category is being used.

  • hazenreed

    Thank you. We have re saved the permalinks structure, and there are no additional SEO tools at work. it is not clear to me at this time, what file is handling the display of the new custom posts. I just cannot seem to find the logic within the code. I am now getting a display of the individual posts,but I do not like the display, and so am looking to modify that layout. it does not appear to be the default posts layout, but something else. I'll keep digging.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Hazen,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    The custom posts should be using your default theme template for posts - normally single.php unless you have created a new one. it could be displaying a bit different depending on what options your custom post type supports :slight_smile:

    If you want to edit the layout then make a copy of your single.php and re-name it to single-post_type.php then it will be used for your custom post type posts.

    You can do the same with the archive. archive-post_type.php.

    As for the breadcrumb, what are you using for your breadcrumbs? Is it built into your theme? I tried this plugin here:

    It seemed to work fine for me. Let me know then we can look further into it :slight_smile:

    Look forward to hearing back!

    All the best,