How do you go from manual payments to automatic subscriptions?

I recently had a customers site go down from lack of payment even though there was a PayPal subscription in place. I had initially set the site to Pro status to demonstrate the capabilities of the site. The customer liked it and put in the credit card information to start the subscription. I went to work on the site and noticed it was not appearing and the link to renew the subscription was showing. I investigated the account and noticed in the history that an email was sent to remind the user to cancel the manual subscription...

Unfortunately, since I haven't got a response in a couple days on the previous thread I started on this subject, I was forced to cancel my client's automatic subscription, manually extend it to the date he has purchased through. He will have to enter his credit card information again and in 1 month I am going to run into this problem again. How do I make sure manual subscriptions are cancelled before the first automatic billing?


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    Okay. So, to do this you access the Pro site manager for the specific blog and click the "remove pro status from this site"?

    Also, does this need to be done before the client enters the credit card or before the payment is processed?


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    Hey I just wanted to follow up and apologize for the delay before.

    Knowing know that the gateway is PayPal, from your PayPal account you should be able to see any automatic billing profiles as well, and look into if they are active or not.

    This could be a case where there was a problem setting up the subscription - so the first payment worked and extended the account, but because another payment wasn't processed, the account expired. It could also be that your site isn't properly receiving PayPal IPNs.

    It could also be a PayPal issue where somehow the payment is set to come out on a different day - you could find out by checking in your PayPal account.

    If you need any more help here, let us know.

    Best regards

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