How do you integrate shortcodes with Upfront?


I am trying to use the forum shortcode on a page using Upfront's Spirit theme.

- Under the Usage Instructions for the Forum Plug-in, it asks to put the forum's shortcode into the page using "HTML" tab. I do not see HTML... only "Visual" and "Text."
- When I insert the Forum shortcode (e.g [FORUM:1]) using the "Text" tab of the page.... nothing happens when viewed with Upfront.

So my question is...
1) What must I do to use shortcodes (not just for the forum plug-in but everything else). Do I have to enable something in the settings for it to work?

2) What is the best way to plug-in functionality when using Upfront theme? Should I create a page in Upfront and the use the widget tool to insert the plug-in functionality..... or should I use the wordpress dashboard to create the page and insert the shortcode?