how do you integrate terms of service with membership?

I need ToS checkbox for my users on my membership page. I by-pass wplogin and they create their account on membership but the shortcode is not read on that page.

It says it was a feature request 1+ years ago.

Also, how do you get a ToS on the marketpress checkout? I sell courses via links to external server hosting site — so no shipping pages to customize.



  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Mike!

    Integrating TOS and Membership is still on the possible feature request list. We’re not able to integrate every feature request we get, but we do consider each of them carefully. The more popular a request is, the better the odds it will make it into a future release.

    I believe you can work around this, but it will take some custom code to do so. Since you’re working with a custom case to begin with (by bypassing WP registration), your needs are a bit different than many of our other Membership users. We’ve got a great job board here, this would likely be a fairly quick and simple (and therefore not terribly expensive) job. It’s just a little more than we can whip up for you as support techs.

    Thanks for your question, Mike! I’ll drop this in the features & feedback forum, as well.

  • Mike
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Michelle-to be clear, I am following the instructions of the membership plugin whereby I uncheck the anyone can register on the site so all calls go thru my membership page. I can look at the job board; however I a key sticking point why I continue my membership with WPMU is the tight integration and Marketpress <—>ToS <—>Membership

    makes sense to this user and judging by the forum, others as well.


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