How do you interact with your clients

Yup, another one of those concept questions that I like throwing out on occasion. :slight_smile:

How do you interact with your clients? I know the easiest way is via blogging on your site in either blog #1 or an additional blog if you're using a sitewide tagging method. Some of our clients use Twitter or Facebook. (I can see Twitter as that's fairly easy but Facebook would be the competition. Kind of like using a blog to update status.)

Email is a good one as well although you then run into "I never signed up for this!" complaints, there's no interaction, and folks have been known to sign up and then route to /dev/null after the first few emails.

Forums are big with us as there's nothing but interaction. The problem though with that is they sit out of the way and you have to go to that site to pay attention. They're kind of hard to find information as well and *cough* the concept of using the search function escapes some and/or some endusers demand to be spoonfed on every topic.

Admin messages on the Dashboard are used but they're easy to miss, especially you have it setup to only display once, and they do get annoying if you have them setup to display every time. The tips plugin is a plus since it then rotates but it's then hard to get out a single message.

Anyone else care to throw one out there?

  • Sue

    "How do you interact with your clients? " With what ever mechanism that suits their needs and our needs :slight_smile: There's lots aspects to consider in terms of both them and you.

    One is preferred method of interaction. I alway think in terms of how in our face-to-face world people now have more preferred methods they like to use to contact.

    For example, if you need to contact a f2f friend you might have one person that you know a landline phone is the best option, another likes email only, while another friend only likes SMS messages and hates the other two options, or another friend who won't pick up the phone or mobile and your only option is to talk to in person. Technology has lead to more personal preference in which form of contact works the best with an individual.

    Technology online has lead to even more ways of social interaction so individuals have greater preferred methods. So increased presence using the most common social networking tools and other tools means you've increased ability to get the message to them and for them to contact you by their preferred method of contact.

    So then it comes back to you and what is realistically possible (and practical) to manage. Are you able to cope with the @ replies, comments on posts, comments in FB, manage forum posts, IMing and emails etc?

    Then there is the "easy to miss" -- that where you also have to take the multiple approach because if you say similar things using a range of different options you've increased your chance that it won't be missed. Eventually with any luck they might hear the message.

    In terms of the plugins for connecting with users like Admin messages, Admin tips, Mailchimp integration for regular emails to clients, Custom Content Dashboard Widget and Premium Support (via Supporter plugin). Let's hope I haven't missed a plugin and they get jealous? Our users are loving Premium Support because it does make them feel extra loved.

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