How do you let users create top-level wiki

I want to let users of my site (they are at the subscriber access level) to create brand new top-level wikies. The only "create new wiki" button that I can find on the front end is on existing wiki pages and that creates a sub-wiki, which I don't want. I have looked through this ( discussion thread but I can't seem to make the linking to a non-existent page thing work. Can you give me a simple, step-by-step guide to this process or tell me any other way that a top-level wiki can be created from the front end?


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    Hi and Welcome to the WPMUdev community!

    I checked out the thread you were referring to and tried something on a sandbox site. Turns out, it's actually just as simple as Moha stated (was surprising to me but very cool!)

    You seriously just add the Wiki top level name to your url, then it takes you to a page that says "this page not found, feel free to create it" and it will add it!

    Check out the screenshots. I've got a food themed wiki so you should be able to follow along pretty easily :slight_smile: If not let me know



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