How do you make a user remain at a level indefinitely when they do not renew their subscription?

We have a drip content subscription. Each level lasts 30 days.

When the user does not renew their subscription, we want them to keep access to everything that they have received up to that point.

Does this happen automatically? Do we have to have a subscription for each level, with an indefinite access level in it?

  • Patrick

    Hi @aware

    The problem with that is that for dripped content to work, access levels must be set to "Finite"

    For the subscription to continue indefinitely, an access level must be set to "Indefinite".
    You can create additional subscriptions with indefinite access levels, and set them to private. Then, if a member does not renew, you can manually switch them over to that private subscription so they can continue to have access to the content they paid for.

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