How do you move a MU install (clone one for rapid deployment)

Clone My MU...

Is there a way to create a "stock MU install" from a tar.gz file and then
just update wp-config/htaccess/sql files to apply to a new domain
or subdirectory?

My goal is to create...
A fresh "stock install" to rapidly deployfrom a "clone-able" install
with all the plugins and themes already loaded with no sites or
blog content/comments...

It takes soo long to upload each plugin, theme, and set all the
settings. For each network MU I setup, I do the same 100 steps

Looking for a way to save time... The 5 minute "MU Setup" :slight_smile:


PS: I could use a list of steps. I've attempted using the above
tar.gz unzip to a new domain or directory and a "find and replace"
for my /sql/wp-config/.htaccess.

Results = my "Super Admin" and "Plugins" area inside the admin
area didn't show up at all. What am I missing?