How do you move a MU install (clone one for rapid deployment)

Clone My MU...

Is there a way to create a "stock MU install" from a tar.gz file and then
just update wp-config/htaccess/sql files to apply to a new domain
or subdirectory?

My goal is to create...
A fresh "stock install" to rapidly deployfrom a "clone-able" install
with all the plugins and themes already loaded with no sites or
blog content/comments...

It takes soo long to upload each plugin, theme, and set all the
settings. For each network MU I setup, I do the same 100 steps

Looking for a way to save time... The 5 minute "MU Setup" :slight_smile:


PS: I could use a list of steps. I've attempted using the above
tar.gz unzip to a new domain or directory and a "find and replace"
for my /sql/wp-config/.htaccess.

Results = my "Super Admin" and "Plugins" area inside the admin
area didn't show up at all. What am I missing?

  • xInd
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I have a cloner for wordpress but it doesn't work for mu installations, and backing up and restoring databases is complicated at best once you get to multiple databases on a wp3 multi network multi-site.

    Might see about getting some more people involved and some help from here to take what we're doing a a bit farther. I don't come here often as we're usually a little too far outside the box for the standards, but I see we're getting a little more of that all over the place from the members here, maybe it's time to start speaking up.

  • bamf
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey xlnd,

    Thanks for the reply. I figure this is the place to ask
    questions like this. The standard changes post-by-post
    here :slight_smile:

    Maybe some of the official crew at WPMu will have a
    few tricks up there sleeve. I think they are real busy
    getting ready for 3.1 release.

    Lots of changes to almost all the plugins here. Hope
    this thread stay open until a real solution to the MU
    "clone wars" get solved.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope to hear more soon.


  • bamf
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey Ulrich,


    Thanks for your attention to this and it worked, no errors...
    Just the plugins area and Super Admin area on the left
    hand side didn't show up?

    To document this, I'll do a screenflow of my steps and
    post the link up here when I get it done.

    Could be today.
    I'll run through soup to nuts.



  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Just the plugins area and Super Admin area on the left
    hand side didn't show up?

    That sounds like the super admin user setting has gotten lost in the database. Check wp_sitemeta and look for a key with a meta_key of "site_admins" it may have blanked.

  • bamf
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey Barry in a few minutes I'll have the video showing
    every step I took to help identify the points of failure.

    In the mean time here's a screenshot of the metasite
    table... it's got an entry of the user name "super-clone2".

    BTW... the cloned WPMu install created that account
    for me, which leads me to believe somewhere that

    a) a user table is somehow still connect to the old install
    database... how would the new clone2 install know to create
    a "super-clone2" ID, if it didn't already have a "super-clone"
    in there somewhere.

    b) the new "super-clone2" user doesn't have SuperAdmin
    permission... which would make sense because the Super
    Admin control panel doesn't show up NOR the plugins
    control panel (which I never gave permission for any other
    users to see, other than super-admins).

    Ok... so while I wrote this, the .MOV file uploaded, here's
    the step-by-step video of what I did.

    PS: If you think that can solve this, I'll give you FTP
    and WP access to work on this and solve. Just let me know.

  • bamf
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    SOLVED IT... all by myself :slight_smile:

    Needed to deactivate all the plugins before cloning.

    Delete all mods to wp-config and .htaccess and
    then run the setup install script like I would as if
    I was doing to for the 1st time...

    Then bam... all plugins and themes all sitting there
    ready to be activated and just need to add back in
    the wp-config and .htaccess setttings.

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