How do you post network file URLs (for intranet sites)?

I am able to insert hyperlinks to intranet locations using standard \\server\share\path notation, and the links open fine when I send people emails or documents within our network.
However on the Intranet site, wordpress rewrites these to http://intranetserver/postpath/postname\\server\share\path and the links will not work.
How do I "escape" or turn off this behavior, so I can post links to our internal locations (preferably using drive:disappointed:path, versus //server/share path notation). For example, can I post a link to "file://drive:disappointed:path" and can it include spaces, or do I need to replace spaces with %20? I am hoping for an elegant solution to just post a link to a network path folder or file, without needing to manually replace spaces with %20, but at this point I am just trying to post any sort of internal network file path link without WordPress trying to rewrite it to a non-existent web server location.
What is the best way to do this please?
thank you!