How do you remove "Pro Site" link

How do you remove “Pro Site” link from the main navigation. I have multi-site installed using buddy press. When i activate the Pro Sites plugin I’m getting a link on the main navigation of my theme. I found it is a page that was created by the Pro Site plugin. The page does show up on pages in the admin area. It is automatically going to the navigation. I’m using BuddyPress Community theme. This link remains when logged in or out. I’ve tried moving it. I made it a child link to my Community link. When I was logged in it showed as such. When I logged out it went back to the main navigation and no longer a child to the Community link. I even deleted it but then there is no upgrade page which is needed.

I’ve tried every thing I can think of including deleting the blog it was on, deleting the pro site plug in, going to my database and optimizing to clear all info on blog and Pro site Plug In. Did a ipconfig flush and cleaned old all Internet files on Firefox and Chrome.

I then reinstalled Pro site, did some settings changes, added a new blog and still have the same problem.

I eliminated all problems between deletes and reinstall. Can any body give me instructions to fix this problem? Please make the fix instructions complete. Please read the beginning of this post again if you don’t understand.

Thank You