How do you set-up the Search Function?


As you know, the Spirit Theme comes with a Search Function box. However, as I have been testing the site, I'm finding 1) a Results page appears but no information is on it or 2) the search responds by taking me to a page I didn't know existed. Example of #2: I insert the word "testimonials" into the search box. Response is (a template) not (the page I created).

Please help. The Search Function box is of no use to me unless I can make it provide responses that only reflect the contents of the site that's been designed.

In addition, I only seem to be able to create a Search Function box if I use a template to create a page; otherwise, I can only create an odd looking Search box via a Widget. Please provide instructions as to how to create the same kind of Search Function box as appears on the Navigation bar.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!