How do you show only summarised info on the blog page


I recently installed the WMPU Dixi theme on my site and like it very much. My site is .

I have a static front page and my blog posts are shown on a different page called ‘Daily Natterings’.

On the previous theme I used, the blog posts were shown as a summary only with a thumbnail picture to the left on my blog listings page and you selected the blog you wanted to read and it took you to the post page..

Now the whole of the whole of the post is shown on the blog listings page and it is not a viable option as I blog every day, making it difficult to find a blog you require.

How can I get summaries of my blogs back.

Also, if it is not possible with this theme, can you suggest a similar theme that can achieve this that will not require another large chunk of my time to set up.

Many Thanks,