How Do You Unprotect Contect Once it has been Protected?


I find myself in a snag whenever I protect the content of a new site because I cannot find a straightforward way to go back and lift the restrictions. I disabled the Membership plugin thinking that might help but it hasn't.

Any instructions you might be willing to share will be most appreciated.

Here is one of the sites experiencing the issue:


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey again Jarrod,

    Which page aren't you able to access? I'm not getting any protected pages when I visit that site.

    I see you are using Membership Premium, you might want to give Protected Content a try. It's very similar to Membership but completely re-coded and has a brand new more simple user interface :slight_smile:

    Not sure if I already mentioned that to you, sorry if I'm repeating myself.

    Let us know which pages are still protected for you then we can take a closer look.

    All the best,

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