how does a member log in?


I have set up the membership plugin on a regular wordpress site (I am not using MU) where paid members can access and download ebooks.

After a person subscribes and pays, where do they go to login where they can view the products for download?

How do I set this up?

Thanks for any help'

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    Just put a login widget/meta widget on your site. That way your members can login.

    As of step #1 vs Step #2. Are you logged in when you click Subscription button? I think that if a user is already logged in then he/she won´t see the Create account-page (step #1).

    When I develop my membership sites I always use Safari and Firefox. In one browser I have the Private surf mode on so no cookies are saved. In the other browser I tweak the membership plugin/process and then check every change it in the browser with Private mode on. That way I can see what every change accomplish.

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    @meesh I agree with acanjo. login widget is the way to go on regular WordPress. You can also create a direct links to wp-signup.php and wp-login.php

    @acanjo Good advice! Especially the tip about using multiple browsers for guest v. member testing. Thanks for that! I'm sending some delicious rep points your way for the contribution. Thanks again!

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