How does a student access the actual course material in Coursepress?

We're setting up a course in coursepress, and it's a pretty awesome plugin with a lot of features. But I'm having trouble understanding (as amazingly simple as this sounds) how a student who has enrolled in a course actually gets to the course material.

We have 7 days of course content published, and there are 23 more days coming soon. But I'm simply not seeing any of it accessible, anywhere on the site. I can obviously get to it from the admin dashboard if I'm a super admin, but that's not helpful for a student.

The Course page points them to Details page (

The Details page prompts you to enroll (

After enrolling, the Enrollment page points to the Units page (

The Units page displays helpful progress details on how far you've progressed through the course, but it doesn't provide links to any of the material. The Units page also links up other system pages related to the course (Workbook, Course Details, Discussion, etc, etc), but none of the pages actually give you access to the course material.

I can log in as a super admin and procure a link to a specific day of the course. For example:

Should we create a custom page that hyperlinks each of the 30 days? If we do that, the majority of the links won't work until they've figured out through process of elimination that they can only progress through the course one day at a time. So after they've gone through the entire course, a set of hyperlinks to each and every day of the course would work, but for a new student who hasn't gone through the material yet, it seems like a very confusing way to present material.

Isn't there a way to have a student simply log in and access the course? Am I missing something absolutely fundamental? Any insight is much appreciated.