How does a user submit a support ticket?

I reviewed the previous posts related to this question and I still confused.

I have the Support System installed on multi-site. All of my site owners will be editors and therefore the ability to edit posts. However, on their dashboards, they have the correct FAQ piece. But their menu for support is not a Submit Ticket but rather the administrator of the support ticket . Although this is a multisite our users will not have a network of subsites, I just need them to be able to communicate to our main network and have the ability to follow-up and track. How do they get the correct Submit ticket form?

  • antKat
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    This seems to only be a problem with existing users. New registered site owners have the support ticke function - so this part of my question is resolved. However, the new user's also have the support ticket admin menu. They should not be getting this side of the equation, only the submit. How do I change this?

    Recent Support Tickets

    You're in luck today, as you don't have any unanswered support tickets.

  • DavidM
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    Hi antKat,

    That seems strange. For existing users, everything works exactly the way you'd like it to, but it doesn't work properly for new users? Is that the case?

    Did you have custom roles or capabilities in place on this site by any chance?


  • antKat
    • HummingBird

    David, you misinterpreted my last response. New users are getting the support ticket menu/form - the existing users did not. As long as it is working for new I am OK tn that front.

    HOWEVER, the new users are still getting the Admin Support Menu - the one that says
    You're in luck today, as you don't have any unanswered support tickets. These users are the supportees not the supportors. They should never have any tickets to respond to - only to submit when they need help. Hopfully this clarifies.

  • Philip John
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