How does Affiliate payout on ProSites with monthly payments?

Although I found some threads on this topic they are all 2-3 years old and responses at that time indicated solution in works for residual payments.

I am considering using Affiliates with Pro Sites. I have to payment options monthly and annually. 5 questions:
1. Where do you specify the amount you are paying?I don't see this field in settings nor in the usage section.
2. I read somewhere in threads that you can only set up a dollar value rather than percentage. I have 3 levels and 2 payment schedules - how can a specific dollar amount fit all 3 scenarios? Hopefully by now there is a % option - but again I can't find where this is specified.
3. If monthly is chosen by new subscriber, Does the affiliate program pay affiliate their commission for a year or only the first month?
4. When a subscriber renews an annual subscription, is the affiliate still paid a commission?
5. With such a sophisticated plugin - where is updated documentation? Reading through very old threads is not helpful because you don't know if the plugin has changed.