How does Anti-Splog work? My own sites are often detected as splogs


I have Pro Sites and Anti-Splog (among others) on one of my sites, where I plan to open to registration for customers soon.

I made some tests, and even opened sites (subsites in that multisite actually) for a few (early) customers, and recently I found the sites I opened in the splog list! My own ones!

is it my IP? I'm in Switzerland, have IP from here particularly bad reputation? :wink:
or is it because I opened with an email address with .me cctld?
or, and this would be the good news, only because the sites had "test" in the name (the subdomain), like test, test1, testpat, etc?

Or something else?

I know I can adapt things in Anti-Splog patterns and settings etc... but I would mostly like to understand why it's happening and if I can use Anti-Splog or not (if all my new customers are going to the moderation list, it won't be good)

I precise I never took part in any spam sending or phishing /hacking or any other illegal activity (I case you wonder :wink: )

Thank you very much in advance for your help