how does it work – prosites

Ok, so I’m sure this is just some weirdness you need to know when using prosites…

But some people signed up today and their accounts say FREE n/a even though I don’t have that level. It shows they did setup a membership using a coupon. What’s up with that? When do they become a Basic / Med / Advanced level site?

Also, I needed to give 2 people an upgraded membership. I adjusted their site to Professional and hit save… they received this email:

We have given you Pro Site access. You will now be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a Pro Site member.

These benefits will be available to you until: January 18, 2017.

After this date your site will revert back to a standard site.

You can subscribe at any time from the link below:


… so that’s kind of weird. 1 day? The prosite says not to mess with dates if you just want to adjust level. I would like to give them a pro site level for as long as they are a paying member (at the lower level) – possible?