How does marketpress handle accounts

I have a main network site and will eventually have several ecommerce sites linked through a multisite to this network. I am curious about site accounts for site owners and accounts for those who purchase items on these sites.
1) Is it necessary to have a buddy press in order for people to have accounts to buy, or is this simply a social networking add on which isnt necessary for marketpress to run?

2) If i have an account sign-in on my page, this will be for site-owners to access and make changes to their site?
3)how do i handle those that do not own a site through my network but are interested in buying on the will i show their history of purchases and keep their account info for them to use later? Is this a separate plugin or is this part of marketpress?

Thanks any help i can get wrapping my brain around this will be much appreciated.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    1. Nope, not necessary at all - BuddyPress just adds social features to your network.

    2. Kind of yes. If they sign in to your main site they will be given the opportunity to visit the dashboard for their own site.

    3. These users will simply create an account when they purchase, if they choose to. You'll see them in the network users list but they will essentially be joined to the sub-site. They can then join other sites in your network using the same user account if they wish to.


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