How does Membership 2 Pro Capabilities> switch_themes work?


For the Membership 2 Pro, there is an 'Add-ons' where we can select 'Member Capabilities' and opt for Advanced Capability Protection. After selecting that, under the Protection Rules, I have a tab call Capabilities. Under Capabilities, it has the following: switch_themes, edit_themes and activate_plugin (please see attachment). I have set these 3 capabilities with a membership 'Professional'. Then I created some members with either the 'Professional' or Free membership (see attached). However, when I log into the dashboard, there is of the Professional member, I do not see anywhere that allow me to access to themes. Likewise, for the Free member, there is also no access to themes. Can you advise how it work?

I am trying to achieve 2 membership levels. One which is the 'Free' level, has no access to Themes & Plugins, so they cannot switch themes nor activate plugin. Whereas the Professional level could access to Themes & Plugins.