How does one send/accept/decline friend requests from BP Social theme?

How does one send/accept/decline friend requests from BP Social theme? Is having Supporter and Membership plugins activated but somewhat unconfigured possibly keeping this from displaying?

A broader question--there are a lot of BP Social threads, one with about 170 replies -- is there any sort of compact, concise User Guide that I can give to my site users to help them get up to speed with BP Social privacy, friending and messaging features?

  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    did you disable 'friends' in buddypress component setting in dashboard?

    when browsing profile or members directory, there should be a 'add friend' button where you
    can add the user as friend.

    notification on top should be indication you have friend request and clicking it will
    bring you to a page where you can accept or decline the request.

    a related question, 'friending' when BuddyPress is deactivated and just BP Social Theme is running on WPMU...

    you must have BP activated to be able to use the 'friends' features...if deactivated, you wont be able to use profile and directory stuff...just plain normal WPMU without the BP goodies

  • Webmeister
    • Flash Drive

    I double checked and all the buddypress components are activated.

    I show 1 credit from the Supporter module so I don't think that's the problem.

    Is the Membership plugin possibly affecting these options?

    Nowhere is there any sign of friending invitations that can be sent.

    When I send messages it works OK to notify by outside email and all to a test user account but I cannot see any option to invite them to be a friend.

    Logging in as that test user (not an admin user BTW) I see the same options only, not able to friend.


  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    hi Webmeister
    what's you site setup...wp version? bp version? bp-social version?

    do you have the 'add friend' button when viewing the members directory.
    should be listed in each members list.

    Also have the Community plugin active sitewide....
    not sure if this will conflict with bp....can you try deactivate it?


  • Webmeister
    • Flash Drive


    WP is MU 2.9.2
    BP is Version
    BuddyPress Social Child Theme 1.1.8

    I was trying to find a matrix of what BP Social vs. the Community Plugin does and how to use Membership and Supporter features.... Is there such a matrix?

    Disabling the Community Plugin seems to have activated all the cool features for friending and private messaging.

    Until then, there were no 'add friend' buttons anywhere on the site, either logged in as Admin or as a test non-admin user.

    Seems pretty intuitive but it's worth asking again--is there a compact, concise User Guide that I can give to my BP Social site users? Maybe a little video available that would show users (and new Admins) how to use the BP Social site's many features like privacy, request friendship, etc? I know there's a generic set of "how to blog" videos...

  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    hi...that's quite odd...if you enable friends in bp component...the 'add friend' button should appeared in profile page and members directory.

    could you try in other test site with only bp plugin install with the same setup...wp ver..bp ver.

    @tut or vids on bp social
    bp-social still didn't have any in-depth vids..sry
    although there should doc on bp site about generic featured like blogging, group create, friendship request .

    update me again on the no 'add friend' issue ok


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