How does Pay per View plugin work?

Is the Pay per View for each time they access that particular post?

I am going to have a form inside a post, and I need people to pay for every time they want to fill that form... Is that what Pay per View is about?

Also is there a way they can pay for multiple access and use them in different days?


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    that's exactly how pay-per-view works.

    it has 3 options basicly.

    1 is one time view. this is the option where users will have to pay each time they want to view the item (you can set the session time in the cookie setting).

    2. daily pass (this allows access to all paid content for 1 day only) this requires the person to be a registered user.

    3. recurring payments, again, this allows access to all paid content & requires the user to be registered.

    as you can see, only the one-time-view option will restrict access to that single content, all the other 2 plans will give access to all content protected by pay-per-view

    hope this helps.


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