We're experiencing a critical issue with Membership Pro whereby protection does not work until approx. 24 hours after adding a new member ( Would Protected Content be a suitable alternative? How does it compare? How reliable is it and is it compatible with BuddyPress 2.1.1? How easy would it be to move from one to the other (we currently have 300 users)? Thank you very much.

  • Vaughan

    Hi PCI Team,

    hope you're well?

    Protected Content does the same as Membership, it just does it differently and is completely different to membership, it has a lot more intuitive user interface and is generally a lot easier to setup and configure. It is compatible with buddypress, but currently it doesn't have global membership features for multisite as of yet, so it will only work on a site by site basis.

    At the moment there is no import feature to transfer from membership to protected content, so there isn't anyway to move from one to the other and keep the subscriptions and access the same, so you would essentially be starting from scratch with protected content. We are hoping to add this functionality soon, but I can't give any ETA on this.

    Personally, I much prefer Protected content over membership, but as mentioned, if you're already using membership, it will be difficult to keep your subscriptions for the members should you decide to change.

    Hope this helps

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