How does SmartCrawl handle shortcodes?

I just had a run-in with an auto-linking plugin that completely botched shortcodes, so I need to ask before I enable that feature in SmartCrawl...

There is no setting in SmartCrawl's auto linking section to "ignore shortcodes". So what does it do when it finds a keyword or phrase within a shortcode?

For example, I have a button shortcode. It looks something like this:

[button href="/contact-us" label="Contact Us"]

Now let's say I also have the text "contact us" marked for autolinking. I don't want the label text within the button shortcode to get processed into an automatic link....but that's what the "other guys'" autolinking plugin was doing. It wrecked havoc with my buttons, as you can imagine.

It had the ability to skip processing an entire page based on an HTML comment (something like <!-- do not link --> ). However, that's overkill on pages where I have some areas that should be processed for autolinks, and other areas that should not.

I do see that we can skip processing entire post types, and I'm sure that will come in handy. There are also a lot of other options, but I don't see anything about shortcodes, or anything that would allow me to protect a section of a page from being processed.

So I need to know what (if anything) SmartCrawl does when it encounters a shortcode, and if there is any way to skip processing parts of page content.

Thanks in advance!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello kalico,

    I hope you're well and thank you for you question!

    You concern is understandable. I have tested this on my site this way:

    1. I enabled our Appointments+ plugin and added following shortcode in to the page:

    [app_schedule title="smarcrawltitle"]

    2. I enabled all options in SmartCrawl's "Automatic Links" module and added this keywords:

    smartcrawltitle, title

    The "smartcrawltitle" phrase got linked. In case of this shortcode however it seems that it was an output that was linked, meaning that the SmarCrawl's auto-linking feature was called out after the content has been already processed. After my further tests id didn't broke anything that was produced with shortcodes.

    I'm still not sure though how will it play with output of 3rd-party plugins and also I tested just few options. You may however safely try this because in case anything went wrong you may simply disable all "Insert links in" option on "SmartCrawl -> Automatic Links" page and everything should get back to normal. The plugin isn't saving altered content to database and is modifying it "on the fly" so when it's enabled, the content is being displayed in its original form.

    Best regards,

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