How does Smartcrawl work with Upfront page content?

Hi again about the SEO plugins :slight_smile:

We had an earlier question about Smartcrawl vs. Yoast SEO, which was then moved to a feature request as Yoast does not yet work with Upfront themes. But how about Smartcrawl?

I have installed Smartcrawl and the settings should be ok with the default macros in the page meta. But still, when I visit an individual page in the backend, there is no title, no excerpt, nothing. Is it so that Smartcrawl can't read the meta info from the Upfront pages or is this just not visible in the backend?

If we need or want to edit the title and description of a single page, where should we add the meta descriptions in the backend: to the Smartcrawl window or to the wp contents window?