How does someone register?

hey All...
I'm so close to getting/understanding buddy press...lots of trial and error...but. Where can I find the area that helps me put the registration area on my site so I can have someone register to be part of my site?

Ultimately, I'd like to have a paid membership. Am I missing a plugin? Shortcode (I have on idea how they work).

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you...

  • doralevich
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    Hey Sarah...(great plugin downloaded your slider the other day, and just sent you an email to thank you!).

    Would this just be a typical registration plugin? Can it be added to your login plugin? "Not a Member, Click here" or something like that.

    What I'm really looking for is to have a home page, and then when someone clicks on a members only page, a registration page opens up going through the registration process, which I'd like to include ares from my BP Profile Field Setup. (Or is there a better way since I'm considering using the WPMU plugins for the site).

    I'm a bit all over the place between WPMU and BP. Do you know if they work together, one of the other?

  • doralevich
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    What is this Super Admin are??? Something I should look into using?

    I don't think I'm using a multi-site.

    But I did activate the registration under the " anyone can register" tab. and when I go to the link provided it goes to my Home Page.

    Is that what I'm supposed to use if I want a site where people register? Can this also include a paid registration process ?

    Sorry for the questions...I appreciate your help.

  • Mason
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    Hiya doralevich,

    I think it's important here to back up a minute and read through some documentation first. We're a bit "all over the map" at the moment and I think it's probably difficult for you to manage and also difficult for us to provide good help.

    Here's a couple things I'm thinking you may want to look at:
    1. Read through our manuals on WordPress, Multi-site, BuddyPress, and plugin installation:
    There's loads more, but if you read through each page of that first link, you'll be well on your way.

    2. Your site already has registered users. Why can't they register any longer? Have you recently added BuddyPress and/or this theme?
    One of the problems I think you're running into is that this theme was not designed to handle all the features of BuddyPress. A dedicated theme is definitely a big plus!

    We offer many right here and while I know you (or your client) may really love this theme, it may be easier to take some of the elements of this theme you really like and implement them into a theme written for BuddyPress

    Additionally, there's some weird redirects going on that keep things like the default registration page from loading. I'm not sure where they're coming from, but if you click on the "register" button and watch the URL in the browser, you'll see what I mean.

    3. If you look at the main page for each of our plugins, the right-hand sidebar is loaded with information. Look at the "compatible with" section to see if it will work with your site (some of our plugins are only compatible with multisite, others only buddypress etc). There's also a button for detailed installation instructions, screenshots, and a support link to look at previous support requests associated with that particular plugin. These are all really good ways to get familiar with any of our plugins.

    On another thread we've been discussing things like the Avatars plugin. Thing is, BuddyPress comes with it's own avatar system built in, so it's not necessary (or even compatible) when you have BuddyPress. Reading up on this stuff first will save ya hours of work.

    Everyone one of us was new to this at some point. We're very glad you're asking questions and your site already looks like it's well developed. I think if ya take a little time to make sure all the "basics" are covered first - even of just how we do things here at WPMU DEV - you'll find that you're better able to ask the right questions and get faster support all around.

    Thanks! :smiley:

  • doralevich
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    Hey Guys...
    I wanted to thank you for helping me with this. I usually jump into things and then look around later...but as you suggested, I took a step back...started stripping all of my plugins and then started adding them one by one. Things just kind of fell (are falling) into place.

    Still have a few of the issues you mentioned above (I knew that as well ie - registration), but will sit and try and figure it all out.

    I found that it was easier or maybe more compatible if I went with WPMU or a Buddypress plugin that has the same functions (like avatars) - Is there any truth to this?

    Do the WPMU plugins allow me to create a social network like BuddyPress does?

    Thanks for getting me straight...

  • Mason
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    Hiya David,

    Do the WPMU plugins allow me to create a social network like BuddyPress does?

    Not entirely, but here we need to think about what exactly you'd like your users to be able to do? What is likely to be helpful to them?

    For instance, our Communities plugin allows for the avatars, friend requests and private messaging:

    We also have the ability to create simple forums:

    What will your users miss out on? The activity stream and groups would be the main things that come to mind. It's truly up to the needs of your particular community. A social network can be great, but if there's not a ton of new activity having things like an activity stream can actually push people away. What if you logged into facebook each day only to find that nobody had posted anything new? You'd not be around too long I think.

    Just have a good think on it (always a good idea - though, like you, I love diving straight in as well!) and if you want advice or need help with the steps along the way, well, that's what we're here for.


  • doralevich
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    Thank you very much for your input...I think based on what you wrote above, I am going to go the BP way. My client wants to have everything up and running on day one.

    That being said...I'm going to stick with my bp plugins.

    I think I have most of it done, but there is one area that is killing me here - Registration!

    Every time I click on the registration tab, I get redirected to my home page? How can I get it so that I am going to my actual registration page.

    Here is some info that may help on how we want the structure .
    Logged Out users will only have access to the pages and the posts on the home page. If they try and go elsewhere, they should be redirected to this "Registration Page" - I guess I can customize it once I have it running.

    At the Registration Page, they should have the opportunity to register as a new user and pay their monthly fee, fill out their profile. After this, then they will be allowed to view the entire site and participate in the forums.

    This is the only area that I can't get moving.

    I am using the Membership plugin, and have set up 2 levels. Guest and Member. There is an area in the plugin for Registration focusing on Shortcodes...Here is the copied and pasted information. Even when I add the shortcode, the click goes to my home page.

    Registration page
    This is the page a new user will be redirected to when they want to register on your site.
    It can contain any content you want but must contain the [subscriptionform] shortcode in some location.
    Select a page to use for the registration form. [Registration]

    Thanks for any help you can offer, you've been fantastic!

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