How does the affiliate plugin record a sale? How do I integrate it with my payment processor?

I don't understand how this plugin records a 'sale' when there's no script to place on the thank you page? I guess I assumed this was a complete script but it looks like extensive customization is needed for it to work. Am I wrong?

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    Hi @David,

    Affiliates will always record clicks and signups, but for sales tracking it requires integration with whatever system is taking the payments. This would be in the form of an add-on module. Right now we have add-ons for MarketPress, Membership, Pro Sites, and Directory.

    It's possible to create your own add-on that ties into a different payment system, but this would require custom development. If you're looking to hire a developer, you can checkout WPMU Jobs:

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  • David
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    Wow ok I guess I assumed from the sales page that this was an all-in-one system for running an affiliate program.... by definition "affiliates" expect to have sales tracked and recorded not just clicks and signups. I don't think this is for me. How do I request a refund?

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    From the sales page:

    WordPress Affiliate integrates perfectly with our Marketpress, Pro Sites and Membership plugins, and so allows you to offer your visitors and users the chance to share in the profit from promoting your site.

    It is an all in one affiliates system - but any affiliates system depends on another system that is actually processing orders in the manner required for that business.

    It would be impossible for our plugin to automagically work with any system. It needs a module put together for the system in question so it can be informed of sales as they come through the system.

    Affiliates can work standalone, but standalone would mean no sales because it's unaware of any sales that are happening

    This wouldn't be covered by our refund policy, but you're welcome to get in touch with our billing department via the contact form:

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