How does the "Backup original images" work on WP Smush it?

Hi guys, I'd like to know how exctly does the backup work, and how to restore it in case of disaster.

Other secondary questions are:

- should I disable W3 Total Cache while bulk-smushing?
- how much extra time can take if I enable the backup option for bulk-smushing?
- and finally, we are using a watermark plugin (Easy Watermark) which watermarks images while uploading them.
Am I going to be fine if I bulk-smush? I exonerate you from any issue that may appear, I just want to know your opinions first.

Thanks and regards,

  • Michelle Shull

    Heya, Jan!

    1. With this option enabled, Smush will save an archive of your non-Smushed images you can fetch if needed. I believe that's stored on our server, but I might be mistaken here.

    2. I would? I don't think it's required to turn of W3TC, but it can prevent time-killing glitches.

    3. It depends on how many images you're backing up, and how big those images are. I'd expect at least twice as much time as a typical Smush, but it may be less. :slight_smile:

    4. Your watermarks should be fine, but do you happen to know how it processes the images? Is the watermark a part of the images, or is it a separate file that's overlaid on top of your existing images?


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